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    University of Sydney

    Turf Design Studio: The University of Sydney is Australia’s oldest. Its iconic landscape of Figs and Jacaranda and fine buildings by Barnet, Vernon and later, Wilkinson, Woolley and Francis-Jones proudly inhabit the ridge; looking out to Victoria Park, the city and beyond.

    The fundamental task of our project was to plan a new layer of works; creating a public domain that respects what is there and adds new meaning, whilst providing for the day to day needs of the campus community. Our intent was to create an entirely new spirit in the centre of the University of Sydney, opening the University to the city, Victoria Park and the local community by transforming a vehicular-based campus into a vibrant pedestrian precinct.

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    The Camperdown Public Domain unifies an eclectic and complex University setting using a simple, functional structure generated from respect for the University’s rich cultural heritage.

    The design gives new strength to an existing pedestrian corridor, linking the northern and southern campuses, a processional of banded granite paving under a bold alley of Sydney Red Gums. Robust details from quality materials create a rich patina that has become more beautiful over time: views towards the city are amplified and maintained; and universal access integral to the design.

    Water and its management were a key component of this project – all surface water is harvested via granite drains, tree pits and rain gardens then stored below ground for reuse in irrigation. A simple basin made of granite and stainless steel, located at the main city entry also uses the recycled water in ‘a mirror to the sky.’

     “The JAAA + Turf Design Studio scheme combines the timelessness of medieval European university squares and cloisters with the freshness of Sydney vegetation in a new, formal context. This has been achieved with a scheme that is dignified in both scale and detailing. It shows restraint and belies the difficulty of unifying diverse spaces.” – Dr Scott Hawken, UNSW Lecturer, Urban Development and Design

    Short office name:  Turf Design Studio

    Role of your office in the project: Landscape Architect


    Other designers involved in the design of landscape:

    CLIENT: University of Sydney

    LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Jeppe Aagaard Andersen + Tinka Sack + Turf Design

    ARCHITECT (Law School Building): FJMT


    Faculty of Law, Architects in collaboration: fjmt (Francis –Jones Morehen Thorp)

    Architects (City Road Bridge): John Wardle Associates

    Civil and Structural: Taylor Thompson Whitting

    Services: Lincolne Scott

    Lighting: Steensen Varming (CPD) & Vision Design Studio (Law)

    Accessibility Consultants: Nell Rickard and Mark Relf

    Consulting Arborists: Judy Fakes and Garry Clubley

    Water feature: Waterforms International

    Traffic: Mason Wilson Twiny

    Heritage Consultants: Tanner Architects and Clive Lucas, Stapleton

    Irrigation: Hydroplan

    Principal Certifier: Blackett and Maguire

    Quantity Surveyor: Davis Langdon Australia

    Water Management: Ecological Engineering (DESIGN PHASE) Equatica (CONSTRUCTION PHASE)

    Soil Design: Sydney Environmental Soil Laboratory

    Statutory Planning: City Plan Services

    Project Director / Manager: Capital Insight

    Builder: Baulderstone

    Project location: 3000 Parramatta Road, Camperdown, NSW 2050

    Design year: 2003-2006

    Year Built: 2009

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