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    景观 / 校园景观 2020-10-29 18:03 © 作品由「快乐的小浮点」上传,最终解释权归作者所有 快乐的小浮点

    Green Classroom at Galilei Primary School Berlin

    gruppe F:柏林伽利略小学池塘区重新设计为绿色教室是2015年底发起的一项竞赛的目标。F组设计获得一等奖,并于2017年秋季至2018年春季实现。拆除一个以前的池塘和一堵墙,创造了一个新的空间,将成为学生进行社会互动和学习的地方。在绿色的教室里,一个巨大的、阳光照射的楼梯和柳树下巨大的木质构件为整个班级提供了座位。在阳光充足的地方,在树荫下的浆果园里,可以种植、照料和收获植物。园内还设有堆肥堆和工具棚。学生们在几次施工现场导游的带领下了解了这一过程,并参与了花园的创建和种植活动。他们一起庆祝了开幕式。将来学校的花园将由园艺俱乐部照料。
    gruppe F: The redesign of the pond area at Berlin’s Galilei Primary School as a green classroom was the goal of a competition launched at the end of 2015. The design by group F received the first prize and was realized between autumn 2017 and spring 2018. The removal of a former pond and the demolition of a wall have created a new space that will serve as a place of social interaction and learning for the pupils. In the green classroom, a large, sun-exposed staircase and massive wooden elements under the willow provide seating for an entire school class. In raised beds in the sunny area and the berry garden in the shade, plants can be grown, cared for, and harvested. The garden is also equipped with a compost heap and a tool shed. The pupils were informed about the process on several guided tours of the construction site and involved in the creation of the garden with planting events. Together they celebrated an opening party. In the future the school garden will be looked after by the Gardening Club.

    图片来源:gruppe F/Andreas Schimanski
    Project title: Green Classroom at Galilei Primary School Berlin
    Short office name: gruppe F
    Gardening and landscaping: Otto Kittel
    Project location (Street, City, Country): Galilei-Grundschule, Friedrichstra?e 13, 10969 Berlin, Germany
    Design year: 2015
    Year Built: 2017-2018
    Area: 0,3 ha
    Image Credits: gruppe F/Andreas Schimanski

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